We are already 4 months into the year, and so much has happened in The Tayne household. – well, not household as we do not have a permanent residence right now…But you know what I mean.

The Universe has blessed our lives with so much adventure, these last 8 weeks have been a whirlwind, to say the least!

At first, it was extremely daunting – change has never been a welcome factor in my life – but the last 8 weeks have taught me to embrace it, be mindful and go through the motions.

New Job:

While I was in Cornwall I spent some time looking for a temporary job close to home in which I could get an income while living in the West Country. I managed to get a job pretty quickly in a very cute and extremely well-managed restaurant called Mermaid Alley. The food was unbelievably delicious, and the staff were all super friendly and approachable – obviously *winks* – but unfortunately I had to then turn down the position because I could not commit to the hours they needed me for work.

Here’s some yummy snaps of what they serve, definitely worth an eat!

Brad managed to get a job that was all the way in London, very good pay and in line with his passion for property. It was perfect, but we then had to sacrifice our time together and it was something we knew we couldn’t do for long.

So in light of that situation, Brad was able to get me a job with the same company and now we are both working together, living in London during the week and enjoying the best of both worlds!


Although our stay in Cornwall was short lived, we never intended on staying more than 3-6 months. We knew that would be enough time to figure out where we saw our life going and make our decisions based on what was happening around us.

The wonderful thing about my new job is that I can be there on the weekends, spending time with my family and still being able to enjoy the wonders of the West Country.


London baby! HOW EXCITING. Very excited about the prospect of living in “The Big Smoke” – although that nickname definitely does not sound as appealing as the fresh sea air and grassy green fields of Cornwall haha! Mmmmm polluted city smog, delicious. –

Date nights with hubby are back on, so lots of reviews to come. Places to explore and adventures to be had.

Bring. It. On.



I recently visited The Vault Bar & Kitchen.

Visiting on two occasions, for lunch and then for a night of cocktails, music, and very friendly bar staff. The Vault Bar is located in the heart of Penzance at the end of Market Jew Street turning left onto Market Place.

You can find The Vault Bar on 17-18 Market Place, Penzance TR18 2JP

The characteristics both inside and outside of the building; such as the column-like features on the face of the building and the traditional plaster mould pattern on the high ceilings boast a sense of grandeur and style.

The Vault Features:

  • Coffee & Cocktail Bar
  • Open Dining Area
  • Beer Garden over two floors
  • DJ Box – Which is also a blue painted piano, cute! – 

The decor inside is sophisticated, the cocktail bar full and the walls decorated sparsly with bottles of alcohol, funky wall papers and outside in the beer garden the walls are painted with art Alice in Wonderland, which totally reminds me of Brighton!

During The Day At The Vault:

The Vault Bar plays soft lounge music in the day, serves coffee, drinks and food. It has a relaxed atmosphere and offers a range of different meals.

I came in with my mother for a quick coffee and a spot of lunch. We both ordered a seafood starter. – The website is under a reconstruction and so I cannot link you to the menu but you can check out their Facebook Page. I will update in due time. –

The Vault Nightlife:

The evening I spent at The Vault, I visited on a night out with my husband. – I am going to be honest with you I was already half cut at this point but we were entertained by the staff, looked after and even got to take part in tasting the new cocktails for their planned daiquiri night! Perfecto!

The cocktails were excellent and good value! – But then again I forget we are not in the centre of London or Brighton anymore… –

We stuck around until about 11pm just as the place started to get busy but it seemed to me as though The Vault is a main location for the Penzance nightlife!

If you are looking for a funky place to get the night started, have a classy night out, cocktails a plenty then I would recommend giving The Vault a visit!

– And if you haven’t tried the daiquiris yet, ask for the Peach one ; ) –



They even have it boxed especially for us Filipinas! After all, Puto is our favorite 😂 #PinoyPride!

We all love a good food item lost in translation. I found one today in Penzance while shopping with my mother in the oriental supermarket.

Better yet it was a Filipino product known as “Puto”.

Puto is a type of steamed rice cake usually served as snack or as accompaniment to savory dishes such as dinuguan or pancit in Philippine cuisine and believed to be derived from Indian puttu of Kerala origin.

The Spanish word Puto means Slut (in the masculine form). As I am sure you can imagine this had me laughing out loud.

And so I just had to share!


Today I went to The Front Room.

A quaint Bar/Restaurant right as you come into Penzance, where I am currently residing in Cornwall. The Front Room is located on Market Jew Street just as you come into town.

You can find it at 83 Market Jew Street

From the outside, it looks nothing more than just a small seaside cottage, possibly an art gallery or a cafe. But upon entering a rather large, quirkily decorated restaurant/bar over two floors and a garden area is unveiled.

I was pleasantly surprised with the decor, it brought out a feeling of wonder and nostalgia as I explored the building uncovering its sweet little rooms, each with its own character and charm.

The Front Room Features:

  • Snug
  • Coffee & Cocktail Bar
  • Two spaces directly in front separated for eating and enjoying the company of those you came with – or your own of course!
  • Upstairs there was another room, more private for birthdays, baby showers and hen-dos
  • Garden area and outside space
  • A cute little creche – for those of you with little ones! – under the stairs. Such a great use of space and so convenient!

The walls are adorned with luggage bags, – one of which has a funny little note attached to it! -(I have placed the photo at the end of the post, something fun to read!) bunting, fairy lights and other peculiar things like sewing machines which give the place its distinctive quality.

Food at The Front Room:

The Front Room offers an array of delicious options on their menu from lavish all day breakfasts, wholesome lunches and some amazing cakes and cream teas! You can check out the menu HERE.

I didn’t order any food but I had a gorgeous vegan smoothie while my family ordered breakfast/lunch and some sweet potato fries.

So, if you are in the area or are headed this way and looking for a recommendation then this is definitely one to look out for! 

– Check out this funny little note I found inside! –


Everything you need to know about travelling to the United States with ESTA

Before we get started, I would like to proudly announce my first collaboration and guest post! I was contacted by two students to collaborate on a post informing my readers about how to apply for an ESTA to enter the USA, what it is and all the nitty gritty bits in between. – With a pretty awesome infographic and video to boot –

You can check out their website, which is EXTREMELY helpful right here. – I wish that this was available when I was applying for my ESTA before visiting the US it would have saved me SO much time and stress! –

So without further a do!

If you’re planning on travelling to the United States, you’re probably thinking that you have to get a visa to go there, right? WRONG.

Introducing… the ESTA


What is the ESTA? I hear you!

  • – The ESTA is a travel resource created by the United States Department of Homeland Security that allows citizens of 38 countries to travel to the US without having to get a visa. Pretty awesome!
  • – Anybody travelling to the US as a tourist, on a business trip or anybody that has a connecting flight involving the US from any of the 38 countries eligible can apply.
  • – This is not useful for students or those planning to work in the US.

So how does it work?

  1. Basically, the ESTA application is completed online and only takes around 30 minutes. That means you don’t even have to leave your house, nevermind go to an embassy appointment.
  2. All you need is an electronic passport and then fill out the ESTA form.
  3. Once you have completed the ESTA application, you will receive an email within 72 hours, although responses usually only take minutes.
  4. If your ESTA has been granted you will receive an email notifying that your application has been approved.

Now what?

Here’s the real beauty.

The ESTA is valid for two years.  In those two years, you may travel to the US as many times as you wish, so long as you do not stay in the country for more than 90 days.

Things to consider

  • If an ESTA is not authorised, then the applicant will have to apply for a visa.
  • If you are unable to complete the application yourself, somebody else can do it for you. Just make sure that all of the information that is inputted is correct.
  • The country of issue on the online application form is the country of your citizenship as it appears on your passport.


Here’s a pretty cool infographic that sums it up:

I hope this was helpful and shed some light on the need for an ESTA and how easy it is to apply! Pass this on to your friends if you know they are going away to the USA and could benefit from this post.