Venice: Surprise! We’re not getting married.

Our first trip away together was to the mystifying and picturesque, widely known city built on water or “The Floating City” of Venice, Italy.

Remember in my earlier posts where I mentioned how I thought Brad was going to ask me to be his wife here? – Have you ever imagined your life to be a romantic comedy of sorts? This is totally one of those moments. Just, cringe!– We had been together just over two years, it was getting close to Valentines Day and he had mentioned to me how he’d planned a little surprise.

He was building it up for a good couple of weeks, giving me clues and trying to make me guess where we were going, saying things like “Whatever you think we are doing, it’s even better than that”.

It was a topic of conversation at work with some girlfriends:

“Oh my god, why all the build up?”

“Do you reckon he is going to propose?”.

– Thanks girls. That seed was well and truly planted, well done. 

Naturally, I thought what could be better than just a regular romantic evening? I knew that we were going somewhere, I didn’t know where, but we were going for a long weekend. Ok, so already that’s like a lot better than a dinner date…He even said to wear a nice dress for dinner on Valentines Day too.

– Don’t tell me that this doesn’t scream proposal! 

Anyway, so we went one evening to see his parents, his sister and her family were there too. I had only met Brads parents a couple of times before, so I was a little on the shy side in their company. We were all talking about this massive surprise that Brad had been going on about for weeks, banter being thrown about from all angles.

I excused myself for a moment to go to the little girls room and as I returned Bradley said to me laughing “Gen! Becky (his sister) just asked if I was going to propose to you this weekend”.  – See! Even his sister thought it! I rest my case. – I think he must have seen my stomach fall out of my arse when he said that because he quickly followed that remark with “Well, this completely shits all over my surprise!”

M O R T I F I E D.

I don’t know what was worse, the fact that I had every member of his family looking at me, or the thought that I could’ve spent that whole trip on edge waiting for the moment that never would have come. It was all a bit overwhelming and the tears of awkwardness swiftly followed.

Luckily we all laughed about it over dinner. And I was able to enjoy our holiday without feeling like I was gonna crap myself if he bent down to tie his shoe lace or stuck his hand in his pocket during a romantic windy walk.


With hindsight, all this excitement that I was being prepped for by the man that eventually did get down on one knee, – just not this time – was for this truly magnificent city that we were about to explore!

It certainly is something to romanticise about. It’s remarkable architecture is characterised by cracked, pastel yellow, rusty red and orange walls. You can’t help but get lost here, literally. There are no roads or cars, but an abundance of bridges connecting the 177 canals that weave in and out of this delicate city, inviting you to explore for hours.




We did the tourist route, saw most points of interest (TheLonelyPlanet give a good in-depth write up of most, if not all of them right here) except Murano Island due to time constraints. – Which was a massive bummer as Brad loves a good glass ornament. Me, not so much. But it would have been nice to see how these things were made. 

It was quite cold when we went, it drizzled now and then but it didn’t dampen the atmosphere as far as I was concerned, the sheer beauty of this place made up for it in every way. There were an array of shops, from luxury designer brands to high street and souvenir shops selling the classic Venetian mask and all the wonderfully tacky bits & bobs you see in every gift shop around the world.

I wasn’t blown away by the food but that could have been bad luck on restaurant choices. Also, being that it was Valentines weekend, everything was over priced. So unfortunately, I cannot recommend any where nice to eat but I’m sure there are plenty of side street/alley way local joints floating around. We do not tend to go to restaurants along the tourist routes at they usually are more inclined to be expensive and we also find that the best and most authentic restaurants are hidden deep within most cities where all the locals go.



Personally, I feel it is an absolute MUST to go on a gondola ride if you are in Venice. It would be a crime if you didn’t! It is a bit of a novelty, and I’m sure the prices were massively bumped up due to the occasion, but it was absolutely breath taking none the less. I felt like a child floating through a Disney amusement park ride. Absolute magic.




Leaving Venice felt like ending a chapter to a romantic storybook, and like every classic fairy tale, the damsel and the hero rode off into the distance – or flew back home on an easyjet plane. –

Where could we go next? What would be the title of the next chapter of our storybook?

I began to get a taste of this amazing world around me and I really couldn’t wait to have another bite.


Have you been to Venice? What was your experience? Did you eat a meal that you cannot forget?! Please share your story with us in the comments box below!



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