A Pivotal Moment in Milan

A place that is recognised for it’s glamour, and known as the fashion capital of the world. Milan felt like a top-tier trip. There was a main shopping area in the heart of the city, all deluxe and teeming with people. – The Milanese are an attractive bunch, it’s no wonder they based the fashion capital here. They could all well be models! 

Now I am not a high maintenance girl. I am not hugely feminine, I have little to no finesse and I certainly do not fall into the category one would call ‘graceful’. – You know the saying: Little girls should be seen and not heard? You will hear my cackle from a mile away, ain’t nobody got time for that! –

So as you can imagine, I felt a bit out of place being in what felt to me like a very stylish and high-class metropolis.

We stayed a few stops away from the centre, which seemed to always be buzzing and full of life. On our first night we explored not too far from our hotel, had a stroll around the local area and stopped at a few bars for a drink. We eventually parked ourselves in a quiet bar, the barista serving us was extremely helpful and marked a few places for us to visit.


We explored most areas in the city, taking the underground or the tram as transportation. We spent our first day in the Quadrilatero d’Oro which was the main shopping square, taking care not to spend too much while we were there!

If you are a coffee lover like me, then Italy is probably one of the best places to be for real, authentic coffee. They do not have ANY franchised chains like Starbucks or Costa there. In fact, it would be a sin in the cafe culture of this country to have one erected! I definitely got my caffeine fix here, macchiato after macchiato wherever we went. Pure caffeinated heaven.

We obviously ran the tourist route and visited the grand Duomo Cathedral which sat proudly in the heart if the city. It is quite an incredible sight. It’s Gothic architecture is a marvel and looks absolutely stunning from a distance, especially at night with all the lights that have been placed to accentuate it’s features. On our last day we went inside and I’m pretty sure we were told not to take any pictures so I haven’t got any of my own to show you, but I found a pretty awesome one on the internet.581264_432495003540519_1818601556_n



Click this picture to go to the website it was sourced from.

We made sure to visit one of the museums while in Milan, taking our time to soak in the history – and take some very unnecessary photos, obviously. One can’t help themselves when presented with such promise of a funny photograph to be posted on social media! –  After our trip to the museum we went for a walk in the park next to it and stopped to admire the scenery even though it may have been a little bit wet from the rain.





In the evenings we spent our time hopping from bar to bar testing out an array of cocktails and nibbling on the mouthwatering tapas. We spent most of one evening in a cocktail bar that was run by a young couple. They both had mastered the art of mixology and I was hypnotised watching them make us drink after drink. I have to admit that I never imagined myself starting a travel blog, so I didn’t take note of the bars or restaurants that we visited while we were away, – which is a shame because they were some top class cocktail bars! – but I know better now and will be reviewing and giving my personal recommendations in my future posts. Luckily, I did get a few photographs of the cocktails and tapas though!








Milan was such a gorgeous city, the residents open, passionate and extremely vivacious. I would certainly recommend going there for a long weekend if you fancy a weekend of luxury and glamour.

How was your trip to Milan? Do you know of ny good cocktail bars? What were they called? Please share your experience and comment below!

For me, this trip holds a lot of importance, it signifies a pivotal moment in the life I share with my husband. Something happened that weekend that dictated a huge shift in our relationship and for that reason it will always stay close to my heart.

” Se non hai mai pianto, i tuoi occhi non possono essere belli. – If you haven’t cried, your eyes can’t be beautiful.”
-Sophia Loren


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