Why Vancouver Ticks ALL The Holiday Boxes

I recently visited Vancouver, Canada while on my trip around America. It was a stop off to catch up with a friend we had met 3 years ago in India.

We met in Goa, formed a group of 6 and spent the next two weeks as a little family in Palolem. Some of my fondest memories.- I have yet to write about that time, but if you wanna read about other places I’ve visited in India check them out here –

I had heard a lot of good things about Vancouver, but never felt compelled to go until we had a reason to – our good friend Adrien! But going there was truly a delight and has made it on my list of possible areas for relocation. It was that awesome. And we visited in November, it practically rained our whole time there – and that is saying something! –

But if you aren’t planning on relocating and are just thinking of a place to go on holiday, then here are a few reasons why Vancouver ticks ALL the holiday boxes:

1. Sun, Sea and Sand

Vancouver is charming in more ways than one. It is bordered with beautiful sunset-kissed beaches looking out across the water at Vancouver Island. We went in November like I said earlier, and this part of the year is considered to be the most wet and miserable, but really, we are from the UK, we are totally used to this weather! It was no bother for us. The views of the beach, walking the city’s perimeter and breathing in the fresh ocean air was almost therapeutic.

Our friend Adrien described what the beaches were like in the summer and how busy they would become. I could only but imagine the warmth on my skin, a bottle of beer and a book in hand while sat on the beach worshiping the sun.

So if you are looking for an awesome place to sunbathe this summer, perhaps you should think about checking out Vancouver.

2. Over The Mountains And Through The Woods

Literally off the beach, footsteps away from the sand are coastal redwood forests, for 400 hectares! Stanley park is the largest urban park in the city and stretches for a longitude of scenic woodland walks, views of the water and sky upon mountains and a wonderful city skyline.

There are so many places to go hiking in Vancouver, not just in Stanley park. If you are the kind of holiday maker who likes outdoor activities like bike riding, hiking, climbing or just to be out with nature then Vancouver ticks those boxes.

3. Winter Wonderland

Whistler is a town North of Vancouver, about 1.30-2hr drive up into the mountains. It is home to Whistler Blackcomb, one of the largest ski resorts in North America! If you are a winter holiday-maker and prefer to be hitting the slopes on your snowboard, you can head here pretty much all year round! So you don’t even have to wait for Christmas to go there!

4. Food

Vancouver is considered to be quite the gastronomic hotspot, You can get good food pretty much around every corner, all of pretty good quality. The reason for this is due to competition and reputation. So everyone is competing against each other for the highest rating on service and quality.

If you are a fan of oriental cuisine like me, then you will not be disappointed in Vancouver. Asians make up a huge percentage of the population in Vancouver for several reasons. But, because of this there is a huge amount of restaurants to choose from! – since our trip around America started I have done nothing but eat Asian food. You just can’t go wrong! – 

There is even a Korea town, with restaurant after restaurant to choose from. – I had my first authentic Bibimbap there, oh my god was it delicious. – 

5. Money

Vancouver is known to be quite an expensive place to live. With its desirability growing as a destination for relocating, it’s economy is booming.

If you are from the UK though, you are in luck my friends! The British pound (£) goes a long way in Canada even after what has happened with Brexit we were eating and drinking out and still managing to keep our costs down.

For my American readers, I am not sure this is the same for you. Sorry!


6. Sports

Sport is a big thing in The United States and Canada. They LOVE their sports! What I noticed travelling around North America were the countless sports bars, or even in a normal bar, the TVs would be on and have some sort of sport on the screen. Baseball, Basketball, American Football, Soccer, Lacross and Ice Hockey!

If you are a sports fan you will find plenty to watch and do in Vancouver. When we visited we made some time to go and see a professional Ice Hockey game. – I have to admit, I have never been interested in spectator sports. My concentration is null, I get distracted easily and find sports hard to follow most of the time. Or the sport is not going fast enough for me. –

But as it turns out, Ice Hockey is my game! It’s quick paced, full of action, easy to follow and the energy is electric! I would 100% recommend going to watch an Ice Hockey game while you are there if you haven’t seen one already. If you are anything like me, you will leave buzzing!

So with all these points made, this is why I believe Vancouver ticks all the holiday boxes. Why not take a look for yourself, I’m sure you will find something that you like. Have you ever been? What was your favorite thing to do there and would you add anything to this list? Please share your thoughts below!



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