Location, location – Cornwall Bound

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we have returned home from America and adjusted to having a routine, going back to “work” and living life in a very orderly manner.

In my previous post I revealed that Bradley and I will be making base in Cornwall for a while. I will not delve into the reasons as why. But life has taken us on a journey to the South West of England and I am feeling excited, nervous, nostalgic and a little bit sad about leaving Brighton but looking forward to what this adventure has in store for us back where I spent my youth…

New Adventures in The South West.

I was 10 when I left Cornwall with my parents. We moved to Spain and that is where I resided for the next 8 years until I decided to move back to the UK to pursue my passion in music. – For those of you who do not know that part of my life… I’m sure one day I will share it with you all. But, there is always the internet until then! haha

There is something very comforting about Cornwall, it’s peaceful, it’s by the sea – we all know how much I love the sea… – and it’s a simpler way of living.

I’m looking forward to being close to my family, that’s something I haven’t experienced for years, literally.

I started living away from my family from the age of 16, so I am quite excited to spend some quality time with them and get to know my younger brother as he grows up. – I was turning 14 when my brother was born so I was disinterested, as most teenagers are at that age, by anything that wasn’t music or anime cartoons. – I am really excited to reconnect with him, especially now we are both older, the bond is a lot stronger now and will be more than ever before.

The countdown begins: 2 more months.

New adventure, new places to see, old places to revisit as an adult. Restaurants and food to try, people to meet and many more discoveries.

A new chapter is about to unfold….



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