Eat Your Way Through Charleston, SC History

One thing I love – probably more than traveling, and I really love to travel – is food.

Our trip to America was jam packed full of it, not always the best or the healthiest but there was a lot of it! – Probably due to the colossal portion sizes if I’m honest – We ate out pretty much at every meal for the first 4 weeks of our trip and then realised that it was becoming a huge drain on our budget so we then started to shop at the supermarket and eat at home. – Far more cost effective and we could make much healthier choices.

On the last leg of our trip, back on the East Coast, we had a couple of weeks with no plans and so I took us to Charleston in South Carolina for 5 days. I didn’t really know much about the place but it looked very beautiful from the pictures and full of activities and history.

I later found out that it was really well known for its food, and it fact it was quite an affluent city indeed.

Charleston is one of the oldest and historically rich cities in America. It’s about 400 years old – compared to most places it’s not old at all but for the States, that’s a lot of history! – It was a bustling trade center of the Atlantic and was one of the wealthiest too! It was also well known for its slavery trade.

It is colorful and full of character, I absolutely loved walking around and feeding my eyes with the sight of huge mansions by the sea.

We spent 5 days in Charleston which was enough to really get a good feel of the surrounding area. Wandering the streets, taking in the atmosphere, exploring the plantations and long walks by the beach filled our free time. – It was actually rather nice having the time to soak it all in considering that we had been on a mad rush around the rest of the country. – 

Folley Beach was truly jaw dropping, the smooth tree branches woven in golden sands, peeking out, reaching for the sky as if they had been swallowed by the beach itself was a marvel altogether.

One of the activities I enjoyed the most while in Charleston was the FOOD TOUR. What better way to get to know the history of a city but by munching your way through it! I did some research and had plenty to choose from but I ended up going with Chow-Down Charleston Food Tours. It was affordable, run by a husband and wife, intimate and great fun! Without a doubt recommended. – Try if for yourself if you are in the area, follow the link and book your place now! Don’t forget to mention which blog sent you their way 😛 –

Chow Down Charleston Food Tours provide the unique opportunity to explore the rich history and culture of Charleston, South Carolina, all while sampling a wide variety of delicious local food.


  • We went on 6 different tasting locations all around the city, learning its history along the way.
  • It was 2 hours of rich culture, getting to see places of the city you would never come across if strolling by yourself as a tourist.
  • We got to enjoy Lowcountry classics, tasted oils and vinegars produced in the area, taste beautifully hand-crafted chocolate and even ate french cuisine as we dined in local delis, cafés, and specialty food stores.
  • We started in the heart of downtown, and set off to explore the culinary scene off the beaten path with historical and architectural commentary to showcase all of Charleston!

Have you ever been on a food tour? Is it something you would do and if so which ones have you done and how was the food? Let me know in the comments below! 



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