February Update

February has been a busy month:

  • Flat Viewings: Stressful times, I totally lost my shit when a couple walked in to view our flat. My protective instincts took hold and I really just wanted them to fuck off out of MY flat.
  • Valentines Day: Brad and I don’t put a whole lot of importance into a day that has forced society into buying into the gimmick of showing love. Small gestures of affection, surprises and date nights, should all be expressed whenever you feel like it, any time of the year. Not just on Valentines. So we took our housemate out for a nice curry at The Curry Leaf Cafe in Kemptown. I would 100% recommend, absolutely mouthwatering.
  • Our Leaving Do: What was meant to be a small gathering ended up turning into a big night/networking event for Flikit (my husband’s amazing new app, check it out now!) which was all documented and will soon be a debut video for everyone to see. – Updates to come. – I found it really hard to relax that night. I wasn’t very excited about leaving my friends, I felt incredibly lucky that we had so many people turn up – all the people that mattered – but I felt like I was spreading myself thin trying to make sure I was spending enough time with all my guests and not leaving anyone out. – Playing hostess is stressful! Won’t be doing that again any time soon.
  • Birthdays: Nephews, Brother-In-Law, Mother and Husband all fall in the same month!
  • The Big Move: We are moving on the 8th of March. My last day of work will be next Tuesday and then I have 10 days to prepare for the big move.

With February almost over, everything out of the way, my grief over losing our flat dealt with and excitement building in my tummy. I feel ready for Cornwall now. The next chapter is about to begin.



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