April Update


We are already 4 months into the year, and so much has happened in The Tayne household. – well, not household as we do not have a permanent residence right now…But you know what I mean.

The Universe has blessed our lives with so much adventure, these last 8 weeks have been a whirlwind, to say the least!

At first, it was extremely daunting – change has never been a welcome factor in my life – but the last 8 weeks have taught me to embrace it, be mindful and go through the motions.

New Job:

While I was in Cornwall I spent some time looking for a temporary job close to home in which I could get an income while living in the West Country. I managed to get a job pretty quickly in a very cute and extremely well-managed restaurant called Mermaid Alley. The food was unbelievably delicious, and the staff were all super friendly and approachable – obviously *winks* – but unfortunately I had to then turn down the position because I could not commit to the hours they needed me for work.

Here’s some yummy snaps of what they serve, definitely worth an eat!

Brad managed to get a job that was all the way in London, very good pay and in line with his passion for property. It was perfect, but we then had to sacrifice our time together and it was something we knew we couldn’t do for long.

So in light of that situation, Brad was able to get me a job with the same company and now we are both working together, living in London during the week and enjoying the best of both worlds!


Although our stay in Cornwall was short lived, we never intended on staying more than 3-6 months. We knew that would be enough time to figure out where we saw our life going and make our decisions based on what was happening around us.

The wonderful thing about my new job is that I can be there on the weekends, spending time with my family and still being able to enjoy the wonders of the West Country.


London baby! HOW EXCITING. Very excited about the prospect of living in “The Big Smoke” – although that nickname definitely does not sound as appealing as the fresh sea air and grassy green fields of Cornwall haha! Mmmmm polluted city smog, delicious. –

Date nights with hubby are back on, so lots of reviews to come. Places to explore and adventures to be had.

Bring. It. On.




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