Thunderstorms, Cocktails & London Rooftop Film Club

A Rooftop Film Club, cocktails and ‘One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ in the rain. Now doesn’t that sound like quite the event?!

This week it was my turn to plan our “Date Night” around London, as we have taken it upon ourselves to explore the city while we have the chance and enjoy everything it has to offer. Food, Fun, Friends; whatever the weather.

I am aware that I have not updated you all the last few weeks, life had totally gotten away with me and I needed to put 110% into my new job role before I could relax and take my time off to write to you all. Luckily things are not as crazy now and I can finally get back to blogging!

London Rooftop Film Club

In London, there are FOUR locations in which you can pick various dates and movie titles to watch this summer. You can sit back with a cocktail and enjoy not only a brand spanking new blockbuster movie or a kick ass classic but also enjoy the city skyline at sunset. UH-mazing!

You can choose from:

  • Bussey Building – Peckham. This is where we went.
  • Queen of Hoxton – Shoreditch
  • Roof East – Stratford
  • Kensington Roof Gardens – Kensington

Why don’t you check out for yourself what’s showing here.

You can either purchase a regular seat or if you are a couple and want something extra special then you can spend that little bit more and enjoy the luxuries of The Love Seat, which includes a complimentary drink of your choice (beer, wine or bubbles) and a bottomless box of popcorn. Perfect!

Bussey Building Rooftop Film Club

If you chose to go to the Peckham venue, en route to the rooftop you are taken through a curious alleyway just off of Rye Lane which leads you through a wall art painted path before turning left into Bussey Building and climbing all the way to the top.

Once you reach the top you are greeted by the staff who can escort you to your seat or if you get there a bit earlier then you can enjoy a cocktail and marvel at the city while you sip on your margarita – or in my case a ‘Nice Juan!’ Gotta love a tequila cocktail pun. –


Unfortunately for us the weather was not ideal for our movie, but we braved the rain, umbrella in hand and draped ourselves with the many blankets and poncho they provided for us, snuggled up real close and enjoyed a very unique cinema experience indeed.- We even got to watch the lightning as it danced around the sky behind the screen, pretty magical if you ask me –



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