July Update – Work, Play, Save and Fly

The last two months have been nothing but work work work *cue Rihanna voice and booty pop*

In a nut-shell this is what has been going on in life:

  • Work – We’ve been working long hours and 6 days a week. Despite this it has been great. It has allowed us to save, pay off debts and plan for our future.
  • The occasional after work beer and pizza at our local. – Usually a Monday as they do 2 4 1
  • Weekends of catching up with friends, either at theirs or at ours. –Β Saves money obviously –
  • Gym
  • Love Island – *hides head in shame*

So really not much to report, but this weekend I am off to my first festival of the year HOORAHH! – LOVEBOX.Β 

Will absolutely let you all know how that was once I’ve recovered and I also have a lot going on in the month of August which I will be planning on writing about then too!

Until then,



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