“No Bullshit” Advice For Applying For An Indian Visa

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We got granted our 12 month Indian Visa!

Waheyyy! As the weeks pass we are closer and closer to finally getting some time away traveling long-term! And to celebrate I thought I would give you my “no bullshit” advice for applying for an Indian Visa (UK Citizens).

There are actually loads of these “How to” guides online already to which I would prefer not to add to,

1. Because there are some that are already perfectly rich in information like this blog post by Global-Gallivanting that talks you through each different visa and how to apply – I am only gonna talk you through a 6/12 month visa, so for short term visas please follow that link! – 


2. Sometimes you just wanna cut all the crap and get straight to the point.

So without further-a-do….

Applying for a 6/12 month Indian Tourist Visa

The website that you need to go to is VSF Global. It is an outsourced website that has instructions for applying for a visa – but you can’t be arsed to read from that long and confusing article you say? That’s why I have made this post so you have a page with all the appropriate links for applying right here *smiles* –

There are several different visa applications such as:

  • Short Term Visas (3-6 months)
  • Visa On Arrival/E-Visa
  • Longer Term Visas (6-12 months, but you must leave after 180 days – even if just for a day – then re-enter the country.

The webpage you can find these application options is here.

But to make it even EASIER for you, for those of you that want the correct form for a 6/12 month multiple entry visa click here. – Basically it is the “Regular Visa” option on the previous page. – Fill in the relevant information, pick the correct visa type go on to the next page and start filling out that application form!

A tourist visa for India costs £112 for UK passport holders. * This does not include all other fees for things like photographs, postage fees and text alert fees from the application office for collection.

Speaking of photographs…

Photographs required for an Indian Visa

You need 2 “passport” photos for your application. The reason why I have put that in quotation marks is because they are not the same size as a regular passport photo.

The dimensions you need are: 50mm x 50mm

You can either:

  • Go to a specialised shop for Passport/ID/Visa photographs where the can measure up and take a professional photo.
  • Photobooth it up in one of those Passport/ID/Visa specific booths. – This option is recommended for those of you who tend not to like the first picture that is taken and means you don’t have to annoy the photographer by asking for 10 different shots cos your hair wasn’t quite right… – Be aware that you do only get 3 shots though haha.
  • Or you can just botch it up at home with the right dimensions a decent and appropriate photo, photo paper and a printer.

What next?

Once the form is all filled out – make sure you double check everything is filled in correctly and also spelled correctly – it is ready to print off either to be posted or to take with you to the Indian Visa Apllication Office near you. – Make sure you book an appointment if you are going to go the office. –

You also need to print off and include a signed declaration form. You can find that HURR.

* There must be two photos for each application. Posting or In-Office.

So just to re-cap, you will need:

  • Printed and signed application form
  • Declaration form
  • Passport
  • 2 sized passport photos

If you are posting you application form make sure you send it with a return signed delivery address. Include all of the above in your envelope and send it to this address:

Indian Visa and Consular Application Centre,

The Vista Centre,

First Floor, Part A, Block 50, Salisbury Road,

Hounslow, TW4 6JQ


How long is the approval wait time?

You will only need to wait 2 weeks max and all being well you will have your visa and a departure date for your trip ahead.

So all the best of luck to you, I hope this post was helpful and if you are planning a trip to India soon hit me up!


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