Highs and Lows – Week 1 Update – India

We have officially been in India a week and it already feels like we have been here for an age.

We touched down after 22 hours of traveling in Goa with a 4 hour stop over in Mumbai. – We plan to head back to Mumbai to spend some time there at some point. Especially now we have made some friends who reside there! – In only one week we have experienced many highs and lows.

In only one week we have experienced many highs and lows. It seems when you are given the opportunity to experience life so purely, taking in absolutely every moment, being present, everything you do suddenly feels like a brand new experience. Like a small child getting to know the world around him.

We stayed in Anjuna for the first 6 days, rented a scooter to get around and spent a lot of time driving around exploring the beaches around us, going to the gym in the morning then sunbathing or just wandering around in general.

Here’s a short summary of our highs and lows in this first week:


  • Beach Hopping – Having a vehicle has given us the advantage of exploration. We have been able to see so many beaches around us and it has been a wonderful way to meet new people. – It also meant that when we found the right beach we knew exactly where to go instead of wasting time going somewhere new and baring the risk of not liking it and having to move again. That’s a lot of valuable tanning time!
  • NYE with the locals – We spent New Years Eve on Baga Beach which is basically the party beach of the locals. Walking around felt like we were literally the only Westerners there! It was packed full of Indian men, some women and a LOT of noise! It was a wonderful experience and Brad enjoyed being asked for selfies on the reg hahaha. – Sarcasm btw. –

  • Making Friends – We met two lots of people on seperate beaches spent a day each with both of them then frmed a bigger group after. We made or first friends this week.


  • Danger – The roads in India are an absolute shambles, – I mentioned this in an earlier post on my previous visit here. – Renting a scooter and driving on the streets has been a challenge to say the least. In fact it is a complete and utter understatement! Road rules do not exist in India let’s just put it that way. I have been insprired to write a post about driving in India but I will post that another time. – We have had a few bumps and a couple of accidnts but luckily they have not been serious. You must keep your whits about you here!
  • Death – One of the accidents we had resulted in the death of an animal and it really afected us for a couple of days. It was absolutely heart-breaking.
  • Sickness – If any of you know my husband thn you would already be expecting him to get ill in the first week. It’s almost become a tradition and it is 100% a running joke between our family and friends that he should at least make one visit to the doctor when we go anywhere around the world. So without any delay he has been sick with fever and vomiting. Let’s just hope that it passes and he can get back on his feet quickly.

So that’s week one. Let’s see what week two has in store for us.

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