New Experiences – Week 2 Update – India


We have been in Arambol a week now. We are finally getting into the flow of being free, wandering with not much of a plan.

Our days consist mainly of:

  • Exercise
  • Breakfast
  • Beach
  • Lunch
  • Wash
  • Dinner
  • Evening Activities
  • Bed
Then more or less we repeat the process, making sure always to try finding new places, explore new streets and try hard not to get into a “same old routine” kinda vibe like we would back at home. – It’s so easy to just get used to living the same day every day, going into autopilot, waiting for the weekend to come and then repeating it all over again once Monday arrives. –
We really do feel no urgency to do anything, and quite frankly it is pure bliss. I feel a new appreciation for every minute that passes, more present, in the moment… Coming from the hustle and bustle of London to this really puts things into perspective. – Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing that lifestyle, people need to make a living and also some people love that life…. But I ain’t about that life. I’m truly a beach bum gypsy warrior princess… Obviously. –
But even so, there still needs to be some sort of structure right? Or else you could just fall into a habit of waking up late, not doing much and letting time burn away until all of a sudden you have become suspended in time and haven’t really got much done. That’s also not very productive and so we have made sure we try to get involved in new experiences, meet new people and get stuck into trying to connect with others who may not have the same perception of life that we do. See the how others live….

So what new things have we decided to try?

Well as time goes on I’m sure I will update you but for now here are some of the things we have decided to try out:

  • Yoga – Both Brad and I are complete novices at yoga and decided that we wanted to try out a few kinds and see what suited us best. We met a girl who recommended Acra-Yoga which is good for couples apparently.
  • Meditation – I admit that I am an over-thinker. I run away with my thoughts often leaving me anxious, agitated and stressed. I want to learn to let my thoughts pass through my mind like fluffy clouds. I want to be more mindful, live in the present and appreciate every passing moment. – I have become a victim of missing out on precious moments, creating fond memories because I was just inside my head all the time…. I don’t want that for me anymore. I want to grow. –
  • Seeing how others live – We want to connect with people outside of our usual methods of meeting people. We want to experience how others live, see the flip side.
  • Open Mic Nights – I mean, this is really new for me but as I have just started to learn the ukulele I want to start performing again for fun!

I’m excited to see when all of this will take us. Personal growth and achievement has always been important to me and I’m looking forward to this inner journey.



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