Arambol Dog Temple – Saving Indian Street Dogs

Arambol Dog Temple is a hidden bungalow right at the far end of Arambol Beach.

The other day while walking back from a long stroll on the beach I saw a huge pack of dogs – and puppies obviously!

In a hot second, I ran over there so I could dive into the sand and swim in a sea of furry love.

The guy who was with them asked if we knew about the dog sanctuary he was running. The sign was quite far back near the building and not very noticeable so we were curious to know more. Michael, – the fellow we met with the dogs – explained that he has been helping to run this dog sanctuary for about two years now. They take in stray and injured dogs from the street, treat them, nurse them back to good health, sterilise them and find them new homes. The place started off with 6 puppies two years ago and now there are over 40!
He told us that they had some volunteers but more people were welcome to come help out and give the dogs some care and attention.

And so that’s exactly what we did!

Spending the day at Arambol Dog Temple

Two days later, after the gym, we headed to the beach, had some lunch, sunbathed for a bit then we made our way to Arambol Dog Temple.
When we arrived we were warmly greeted by several puppies. One of them, Didi…. Oh Didi. – The first day we found out about this place there was a small strawberry blonde puppy that is paralysed from his middle down due to a traumatic incident with an older dog from another territory. Totally heart wrenching and obviously my favourite pup there… Such a fighter! – 

What we did at Arambol Dog Temple

The day consisted mainly of playing and giving love to all the dogs at the sanctuary. Feeding them, making sure they were properly medicated and also picking the healthiest pups to go out for adoption. I spent most of the day with Didi, massaging his little legs and giving him my best attempt at doggie physio, walking him around with a cloth to support his hind legs and exercising them while he napped.

Dog Hierarchy At Arambol Dog Temple

Of course, it’s not all fluff, bubble gum tongues and, endearing woofs. This place is full of street dogs.

Dogs are pack animals and so there is always a pecking order, but when you bring lots of differents dogs from different territories there’s going to be tension within the troop.

Quite often we found the dogs getting into small scraps and jealousy towards those getting more attention from the humans. But despite the small upsets there does seem to be a ladder slowly forming. It was fascinating to watch and observe how each of the dogs would interact with each other and it became clear which dogs were the pack leaders.

Would You Like To Get Involved With Arambol Dog Temple?

If you are going to be in the area and are a dog lover, want to do something to help these gorgeous creatures or just fancy some puppy therapy then please do come visit.

It is absolutely a wonderful thing what these people are doing and I wholeheartedly respect them for their work. I hope by spreading the message of their hard work we can help get this organisation more known and make a difference for these dogs.

If you or anyone you know would like to collaborate or even donate you can get in touch with one of the organisers either through their websitefacebook page or by calling this number: (+91) 70578 54775.

All is all it was a truly wonderful day and I am certain it isn’t our last visit. 

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