Getting A Mandala Tattoo In Arambol

Last week I got a mandala tattoo in Arambol, Goa.

Ever since I was a teen I’ve always been mesmerised by tattoos. Whether they have a story to tell, they are a unique piece of art of simply because someone wanted one, I love tattoos. – Granted some tattoos are an exception but I guess stupid tattoos are a story too haha –

In total, I have been tattooed 5 times including the one I am writing about. Each with their own story – and some cos I just wanted them – and I made a decision before going traveling that I wanted to get a tattoo from if not every, most places we visit.

To start them off I decided to get a mandala tattoo from a very friendly Nepalesee guy called Suris who has been specialising in dot work mandala tattoos for over 14 years. He is a nomadic tattoo artist who spends the season in Goa, travels North up through India and makes his way back around just in time for the next season in Goa. Pretty cool!

Designing My Mandala Tattoo

I already had an idea of what I wanted and I knew I wanted it on my hand and wrist, but I wanted to make sure it was unique to the artist.

So after my first consultation, I came back another day showed Suris a reference and he spent a day or so designing my mandala tattoo. When I returned the next day after seeing the piece I decided I wanted a complete mandala so I went off again and returned two days later.

The design Suris made for me was beautiful, I wanted both halves to be similar but with small differences to which Suris added masculine dot-work flare. – Later Brad and I joked each side representing both sides of my personality. –

Getting My Mandala Tattoo

The tattoo took about 3.5 hours as we took some breaks in between. Preparing for the first session I noticed my tattooist skinning up a joint and laughed. – It steadies the hand apparently. 😉That being said though he did a fantastic job and I am absolutely in love with the finished piece.

You can take a look at a video of it here

Do You Want A Mandala Tattoo?

You can find all the information of Suris and his team on their facebook page.

– If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo remember to really think about whether you will be okay with having it on your skin for the rest of your life or will be prepared to pay a lot and go through a lot of pain to get it removed if you change your mind.

If you’re sure, do your research:

  • Find a good artist, one that tattoos in the style of your choice
  • make sure they have years of experience
  • If you want something unique, check out their other pieces or even their art!
  • Take some time to work out exactly what you want done
  • and DON’T be afraid to say if you aren’t happy with something. It’s going on your skin after all!

Have you had any tattoos whle trvelling or abroad? Comment with a picture or a story below!

Until the next post!



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