Tayne’s Top 5 Things To Do In Panjim

When I googled “Things To Do In Panjim” I couldn’t find much…

So we took it upon ourselves to spend a couple of days exploring and make our very own list:

1. Casino Boat

This was actually one of the things I found on google. Panjim is well known for its casino boats and so it felt wrong not to jump on board for an evening.

Goa is one of the few states in India that allow gambling and by law onshore casinos can only operate electronic machines. A loophole for this law gave birth to the infamous casino boats!

There are several you can choose to spend an evening on ranging from a general to a high end gambling experience. All of which include food and drink service. – As long as you play! Wink –

2. Thali at Vihar Pure Veg Resturant

Before you head out on the excursion I have set up for you, I would recommend a nice big meal to fill your belly and fuel the next few hours of exploration.

There is an abundance of restaurants to choose from wherever you go. Myself and Brad try to eat at “Pure Veg” restaurants that are strictly vegetarian as often as possible.

The picture I took was at night because I forgot to take a picture after lunch – whoops! – but it’s easy to find. It’s opposite the river entrances of the casino boats.

We ordered two special Thalis and boy was it a feast! The staff were incredibly welcoming and attentive and they even ordered us rotis and Puris to eat with our meal!

3. Explore the Portuguese Old Quarter

Now that you are fed and watered you can go explore one of Panjim’s most iconic areas in the city.

You will know you are in the right place when all of a sudden you get transported to Portugal. There is also a guesthouse right in the centre of the Portuguese Quarter called “Old Quarter”. So if you get lost Google that guesthouse and you’ll be there in no time.

When we arrived we just about missed the Friday morning market so if you get there early enough you could probably do some shopping while you sight see too.

4. Visit to Lord Hannumam Temple

If you keep walking through the Old Quarter you will eventually reach the entrance and many stairs leading up to Lord Hannumans temple that over looks Panjim city.

At night it lights up and can be seen from afar glowing out of the jungle.

It has been fully renovated and they accept visitors. Saturday is Hannuman’s day of worship so if you are about come pay him a visit.

The view of the city is something that cannot go amiss!

5. Wine – or mint tea in our case – at Hotel Venite

By now you should have worked up an appetite or are at least a little thirsty right?

If you head back towards the casino boat entrances on a quaint road just off the main road stands a beautifully preserved original Portuguese property.

Hotel Venite have a restaurant and bar on the first floor that you can enjoy a romantic candle lit meal with a bottle of vino or a nice cuppa like we did.

Make sure you get a balcony seat!

And there you have it! If you do end up following our itinerary please send us some pix and let us know how your day went.

Any other bars or activities you would recommend? Comment below to share your insight.

Until the next post x


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